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High toughness, complete crystal shape, narrow particle size distribution, special for making diamond line saws, which are used to cut sapphire and ruby.

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Synthetic Diamond Micron

With the advantage of light yellow color, clear crystal, perfect shape, concentrate PSD and low impurity, also because of high toughness and good self sharp capacity, during the performance, SD diamond micron can show the thermal stability, wear resistance ability and sharp angular quality to improve the working efficiency. So they are suitable for precise processing, like polishing, normal grinding and fine grinding, also used for resin, vitrified,metal bonds and electroplated tooling, as well as grinding paste and PCD.

The types of CSD diamond micron include CSDS, CSDP, CSDSS, CSD70S, CSD70P, CSD70SS. At the same time, we are able to offer crushed CSD diamond materials according to user’s need.


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