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CBN930CN60 is CBN930 product with electroless Ni coating, 60% of Ni weight, mainly used for resin bond tools. After coating, the surface of particles is very rough. This kind of surface can enhance the retention between the particle and bond, bring sharp grinding and high efficiency, so that the grinding wheels can obtain the longer life and better surface finish of workpieces.

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Cubic Boron Nitride

Nickel coated CBN products are used for resin bond tools, and the costing can ensure good retention between bond and particles, so can achieve long tool life. The basic level of coating is 60%(weight), but it can be changeable according to user’s needs.


Titanium coated CBN products are used for vitrified and some high-temperature bond tool system. The coating can reduce the destruction by thermal and chemical corrosion.


The products with Cu coating are used for resin bond tools. The Cu coating can enhance the thermal conductivity, increase the strength, oxidation temperature and thermal stability so that the tool can obtain better grinding performance.


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